John Vervaeke - Cognitive Science of Wisdom, Meaning, & Psilocybin Mushrooms

John and I sit down to talk about different types of knowledge, and how we decipher the world around us. We discuss Self-Deception, Flow States, Mystical Experience, and where we go to find Wisdom and Meaning in our lives.

John is a professor of Cognitive Science and Psychology at the University of Toronto. He's also studied in Buddhism and Tai Chi. He hopes to organize a psilocybin micro-dosing study at the University, and he talks about the difficulties in his way when it comes to getting a study like that approved. 

We really touch on a lot here, and John's passion and enthusiasm carries us through the conversation. It was a real pleasure for me to break down these ideas with him, so I hope everyone enjoys the chat as much as I did! 

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