Recommended content from other people discussing similar topics. 

Not all ideas expressed here are agreed with, but they each offer different perspectives for those interested in further learning.



Gabor Maté is physician in Vancouver who has worked extensively with addiction and terminal illness. 

In this TEDx talk he speaks on the link between childhood trauma and adult addiction and how drugs fit into the picture. 

Dr. Maté speaks all over the world, to find out where he's going next visit





Video from LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) where a former police captain explains why the war on drugs is ineffective and is creating more harm than good. 

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Graham Hancock gives a great talk for the Ted organization. He speaks about the traditional South American Ayahuasca brew as well as his own use of Marijuana. He speaks to the legalization of these substances and others.

His presentation was later removed and banned from Ted, but has been since posted on youtube. 

Graham is a successful author among other things, find out more about him at




Rick Doblin is the founder of MAPS (Multidisciplinary Associated for Psychedelic Studies) which is now running scientific studies on the use of substances like MDMA, LSD, and psilocybin for therapy and hospice care.  

In this short interview Doblin and the mother of one of his former patients talk about how the process works, and touch on the pain relieving qualities of things like marijuana. 

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Emmy Award-Winning journalist Amber Lyon visits the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. In this 3-hour podcast Lyon discusses her own use of psychedelic drugs throughout a year long journey that took her around the world. She has turned psychedelic advocate after witnessing the healing properties of these substances, particularly for people such as herself who have suffered from post traumatic stress disorder.

Lyon founded which is an independent journalism website covering psychedelics. 

Joe Rogan has many guests on his podcast who also speak about these topics. Find them on



Aubrey Marcus does a great job describing his own experience with the psychedelic plant medicine ayahuasca. He participated in traditional style ayahuasca ceremonies in Peru lead by shamans, and for those curious about how that goes Aubrey gives a very descriptive account of his time there. 

Aubrey is the founder of and has his own blog at




The Culture High is a documentary mainly about marijuana prohibition but does a fantastic job illuminating all the factors contributing to it remaining illegal and outlining the harms and the benefits.

It's available to download for a small fee and is definitely worth the cost.