Danny Nemu - Savantism & Hotboxing the Tabernacle

Danny's latest book, Neuro-Apocalypse, deals with how individuals perceive things differently. He breaks this down in many ways, including how the Japanese language shapes the minds of those who speak it differently than English does. He's also studied autism, and the extreme cases of autistic savants who have perspectives on the world much different than the regular person. 

We talk about all of this in the podcast, in addition to Danny's research on the possibility of psychoactive drugs being used in the bible. There are multiple examples Danny points to that seem very plausible, notably the high priest in the tabernacle prophesizing by burning a number of substances in a tightly enclosed space.  

There is also manna, which is referred to by Moses, and seems to be described similarly to ergot. Ergot is of course what Albert Hofmann originally used to create LSD. 

It's all very fascinating! Thanks Danny for the talk. 

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