Sergey Baranov - Scientific Dogma & The Psychedelic Individual

Sergey joins me a second time. He has a new book out called The Mescaline Confessions which details his experimentation with different substances as a young person. From using Ecstacy/MDMA for years, to trying a large dose of anti-psychotic pharmaceuticals. 

We talk about all this in the podcast, and eventually get to his present day work with the Huachuma cactus. He works in Peru with this substance, which contains Mescaline, as does Peyote. 

Some of the most interesting parts for myself in Sergey's book was his breakdown of Scientific Dogma so present in our culture today. He explains why he feels people have simply joined another team or religion, all the while thinking they are so much better than people in a church. It's a very worthwhile discussion to have these days! 

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John Vervaeke - Cognitive Science of Wisdom, Meaning, & Psilocybin Mushrooms

John and I sit down to talk about different types of knowledge, and how we decipher the world around us. We discuss Self-Deception, Flow States, Mystical Experience, and where we go to find Wisdom and Meaning in our lives.

John is a professor of Cognitive Science and Psychology at the University of Toronto. He's also studied in Buddhism and Tai Chi. He hopes to organize a psilocybin micro-dosing study at the University, and he talks about the difficulties in his way when it comes to getting a study like that approved. 

We really touch on a lot here, and John's passion and enthusiasm carries us through the conversation. It was a real pleasure for me to break down these ideas with him, so I hope everyone enjoys the chat as much as I did! 

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