There is No Argument

When it comes to my right to use psilocybin mushrooms in a way that hurts nobody at all, there is no argument. It is my right as a grown man to make this decision of my own free will. 

Our government in Canada and many other countries have decided against our free will to choose. They have deemed a large number of substances, including psilocybin mushrooms, illegal to possess or ingest. 

I strongly disagree wit this law, and am choosing to speak publicly and aggressively against it. 

Arguments in favor of this law include potential harm to children, but I am not child. Whatever regulation must be put in place to grant me this right, but not a child, is fine by me. A legal age limit a'la alcohol comes to mind as a simple solution. 

Another is the idea that these drugs will trigger schizophrenia in folks prone to this disorder. That could very well be true, but I've been using mushrooms for close to 15 years and I am not schizophrenic. I feel my use of these mushrooms has actually steered me away from paranoid, anxious thought patterns and OCD type behaviors. 

We don't create blanket-laws limiting an entire population simply because a small percentage have negative reactions. If that were the case things like peanuts, gluten, cats, and pollen would also be illegal as they have potential to cause life-threatening reactions in some people. 

The other argument that follows all drugs around is the idea of addiction. Mushrooms are definitely not addictive. I personally have shown to have an addictive personality, many times finding myself at the mercy of smoking marijuana far too much, or getting stuck in a cycle playing video games 12 hours a day.

However my use of mushrooms is limited to a few times a year, perhaps once every 3 months at the high end, once a year on the low end. I'm limited solely by my own free will and desire, as access to these mushrooms where I live is very readily available. 

Truly, there is no good argument against my right as a grown man to alter my physical and mental state as I see fit. My practice involves no harm to anyone, including myself. I actually believe these mushrooms help me greatly in my day to day life, but even if you don't believe that - it's still my right to use them.